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How to Work with a Feng Shui Vision Board? – VISIYA

Updated: May 6

A Feng Shui Vision board isn't just your typical representation of dreams and ambitions. Based on the Bagua grid — an ancient Feng Shui tool — this methodical vision board offers meaning in every corner. Each sector of the grid focuses on a specific life area, such as career, relationships, or health, guiding you to create a life of balance and harmony.

Once you prepared all your vision board supplies and got the basic understanding of the Bagua grid, it’s time for crafting and working with your vision board. This guide will help you to explore the strategies for creating an effective Feng Shui vision board.

The Mood Matters 😀

Working with a Feng Shui vision board can positively impact your wellbeing and goal-setting. But it's important to approach this process with just the right mindset. Your emotional state influences the energy you pour into your Feng Shui vision board, so ensure you create it in a cheerful mood. Negative emotions such as anger or frustration could cast a shadow over your board, defeating its purpose of motivation.

Granular Approach: One Step at a Time 👣

Avoid trying to fill out all the sectors of your vision board at once. Instead, take a more targeted approach, focusing on each sector individually until it's complete. This step-by-step method can create a balanced, thorough vision board, capturing all aspects of your life.

The Importance of Harmony ⚖️

Strive for harmony by filling out all sections of your Feng Shui vision board. An unfilled sector can disrupt the balance of your goals, potentially causing issues in other life areas. After all, true happiness is difficult to achieve if certain life aspects remain overlooked.

From the center to the Borders 🎯

Kick off your vision board creation from the center, then expand outward, adding new sectors clockwise from the upper-left corner. Keep in mind that sectors should not overlap — distinct borders ensure clarity of vision and intention.

Balance is key 🔑

Populate each sphere with an equal number of desires. If you have difficulties completing a sector, focus more on that area as this could unveil underlying imbalances in your life.

Aim for up to three desires in each sector. While big dreams are encouraged, they should be manageable. Aiming for over 10 major goals in a year can be overwhelming. Thus, remember, less is more. 

Activation and Interaction 🚀

To jumpstart your vision board's energy, place an attainable wish on it. Start with something straightforward you can achieve promptly for an immediate happiness boost. Ideally, you activate your vision board by fulfilling a small wish during the waxing moon phase.

The creation of a vision board is only the beginning. Ideally, place your board where it's the first thing you see when you wake up. Look at the images, say your desires aloud, and try to reproduce the feelings and emotions they evoke in you. You should feel lightness and happiness as if you have already received what you want. Try to meditate on this in the morning and before bed each night, making your vision board not just a tool, but a powerful spiritual practice.

Vision Board on an iPad
Vision Board on an iPad

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