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Unlocking the Potential: Activating The Vision Board During The Waxing Moon? – VISIYA

Updated: May 5

Creating up your vision board and kick-starting its magic is an exciting process! Once your vision board is ready, it must be activated. To optimize its effectiveness, begin with a clear, achievable goal that you can fulfill in the immediate future. This could be anything, from cooking a gourmet dinner, catching a movie, or hanging out with friends.

The psychology behind this approach is fascinating. When you look at the board and see this fulfilled wish next to your other wishes, your mind will perceive the other wishes on the board as more real and quite feasible. The sight of a fulfilled wish adds a dose of confidence, creating a strong mental association that the rest of your goals are equally achievable.

As soon as you fulfill your small desire, your board will start working. It is considered as activated. A word of caution though to avoid mistakes! Try not to impulsively settling for a wish-activator that isn't truly meaningful to you.  For example, you decide to place a certain book on the board, only to buy it, not to read it, hoping that the board will be activated that way. The real activation happens with genuine intent and action, not through shortcuts.

The best time to fulfill the wish is during the waxing moon phase. In spiritual terms, the waxing moon phase is associated with the idea of abundance and progression. It's a time for attracting positive energy and creating momentum towards your goals. Dreams are cultivated, ambitions are fueled, and it's seen as the perfect time to initiate new projects or relationships. In the context of using a vision board, the waxing moon amplifies your intention and manifests your desires into reality. So, when you place a wish on your vision board and fulfill it during the waxing moon, it's believed to attract more of what you seek into your life.

Waxing moon
Waxing moon

Always remember to express your gratitude once your desire is fulfilled. Spare a moment to mentally thank your vision board for being your launchpad to success. Sprinkle a little appreciation on the board for playing its part in turning your dreams into reality! 🙌

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