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Frequent Mistakes When Making a Vision Board – VISIYA

Updated: May 6

Struggling to materialize your dreams from your vision board? There are a couple of common vision board mistakes people tend to make during preparation that might be getting in your way. Let's walk through them together:

1. The imagery or the phrasing aren’t quite right.  The images on your board and the way your desires are worded should resonate with you on a personal level. The universe responds to positive vibes, make sure your board emits them.

2. The emotions don't match the vision. If your board thumps your heartbeat into a lively rhythm, you're on the right track. Avoid putting up wishes that aren't really yours, but are expected of you. Your vision board isn't really keen on fulfilling proxy dreams.

3. Letting outsiders in. This one's simple: Your board, your rules. Trying to fuse someone else's mindset into your board might disrupt the natural flow of energies. So, make it a solo project or organise a vision board party with your closest friends.

4. Daydreaming gone wild. Hey, we are all for dreaming big, but aiming for superpowers might be a stretch. Try to keep your aspirations in the realm of the real, lest it renders your board more of a wishful thinking rather than an actual game plan.

5. One of the life areas was left empty. Neglecting any sphere of your life disrupts the overall harmony and make your vision board lopsided. Remember, balance is key.

6. The activation step missed. Ever heard of the 'first win' in goal-setting? To boost your confidence and get the ball rolling, include at least one wish on your board that's easy and quick to achieve and make sure you do it.

7. The board became wall decoration. Having a vision board is not a golden ticket to effortless success. It takes daily visualizations and continuous effort to turn your dreams into reality. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

8. Not being utterly honest with yourself. Ready or not, change is coming. Before you pin your hopes onto your vision board, ask yourself if you're ready for the wave of transformation that can turn your world upside-down. Because sometimes there are situations when we want to change something, but we don't want to leave our comfort zone. 

And there you have it! Keeping these points in mind might just help you get that extra mileage from your vision board. If you are seeking for some advanced tips for vision board creation, feel free to check out this blog post.

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Mistakes when creating a vision board

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