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What is a Vision Board: Exploring the Meaning and the Benefits – VISIYA

Updated: May 6

A vision board is essentially a vibrant collage of images and notes pinned on a board — be it cork, foam, or any other material you fancy. It plays a central role in helping your dreams and ambitions take flight. Commonly known as a visualisation board, manifestation board, or dream board, it serves as a powerful reminder of your life's goals. But remember, a vision board isn't a magic potion. Instead, it's an incredibly motivating tool, propelling you towards achieving everything you aspire for.

Dream board vision board
The word 'Dream'

A vision board is like a visual wishlist for your ideal life. By surrounding yourself with images of what you aspire to, you can tap into the power of visualisation to shape your reality. This technique has been tried and loved by thousands worldwide, helping them focus on their essential goals and dreams. Celebrities and influencers alike swear by its effectiveness.

Every time you look at your vision board, those powerful images sink deeper into your subconscious mind. Think of it as brain programming via vibrant pictures and inspirational text. This visual stimulus pushes you to move towards your goal subconsciously and nudges you to take necessary actions to fulfill your dreams.

The tradition of making a vision board originated in feng shui (the philosophy of the harmonious arrangement of human life). The vision board has many variations. Some people group their vision board into thematic sections, using cut-outs or clippings to represent their aspirations. Others let their creativity run wild, without sticking to any fixed layout. Some simply jot down their bucket list without any pictorial elements. Good news — you have the freedom to choose the approach that vibes with you the most ❤️.

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