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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Vision Board – VISIYA

Updated: May 5

Ever heard of a vision board? It's like your personal compass for self-growth, helping you to not only pinpoint your dreams and goals, but also to bring them to life visually. Creating a vision board serves as your personal roadmap to turning your cherished aspirations into reality. And if you're wondering, “How to make a vision board?”, we'll walk you through each step, so you can easily grasp the process.

Image collage on the wall
Image collage on the wall

1. Setting Your Goals

Before diving into the world of vision boards, there's a crucial starting point: defining your goals and intentions with crystal clarity. Picture this: without a clear sense of your dreams and where you're headed, your vision board might end up feeling like a miss rather than a hit.

Here's the deal: nailing down your desires and framing your goals is a major key to your self-development journey. And hey, it's going to be your secret sauce for creating an awesome vision board.

One of the most common ways to set goals correctly is to use the SMART method. What's that, you ask? Well, it's a technique that takes your goals and makes them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound—SMART. This approach is like putting a turbo on your efforts, helping you to track progress and fueling your drive to conquer new horizons and reach your goals.

If you are not familiar with this method, no sweat! You can jot down your goals on paper just to get a sense of where you're headed. But remember, focus on those areas in your life that are craving change the most.

With your goals all spelled out, it's time to pick the type of vision board that suits you best. Whether you're into a physical board or going digital, it's your call.

Goal journal and planner
Goal journal and planner

2. Gathering The Supplies and Resources

Depending on whether you're leaning towards the classic feel of a physical board or the tech-savvy vibes of a digital one, the materials and resources you need will vary.

Supplies For A Physical Vision Board

Think about preparing gear like foam board paper, photographers, glue, tape, scissors, and printed images that resonate with your aspirations. If you're feeling fancy, you can also add some decorative elements. Curious for more details? Learn more here.

Magazines for vision board clippings
Magazines for vision board clippings

Resources For A Digital Vision Board

A digital vision board is a modern version of a physical board made using a computer or smartphone. It can be created using a variety of digital tools and resources, such as photo editors or dedicated vision board apps. If you’re hungry for more info on how to nail the digital side of things, check out this blog post.

3. Crafting Your Vision Board

Before you dive into creating your vision board, it's crucial to set the stage right. Create a conducive atmosphere in your space, ensuring you have privacy and a tranquil environment to work your magic. Tune into your mood and well-being, aiming to be in a positive state of mind.

Another facet to consider is syncing up your vision board creation with the lunar cycle. This way, you can tap into the universal energy and channel it into your process.

Physical Vision Board

Start by selecting the base (foam board, cork board, paper) that speaks to you and aligns with your vision. Design matters, too – the colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic should resonate with your intention. Tailor it according to the purpose of your board; if it's about your career, opt for professional fonts and hues. The goal is to ensure the design serves as a genuine conduit for your message.

Once you have decided on these aspects, it's time to round up your arsenal of supplies: photographs, printed images, scissors, glue, and more. Choose visuals that tug at your heartstrings, fostering a deep emotional connection with your dreams. This emotional link will infuse your intentions with profound significance and keep your motivation alive.

Don't forget to weave affirmations and positive statements into your vision board – these power-packed phrases will spotlight your goals. Embrace meaningful words and quotes that serve as a beacon for your desires. Think along the lines of “I'm thriving in financial abundance” or “My life exudes happiness.” These affirmations act as magnets for the right opportunities while nurturing a positive mindset.

When all the elements of the board are ready to use, start with a trial arrangement before securing them on the base. Arrange your images and quotes in a way that visually inspires and motivates you.

Don’t overlook the finishing touches by adding ribbons, glitters, stickers, washi tapes or other decorative items. Those elements will make your board more personally and visually appealing.

Digital Vision Board

To create a digital vision board, you need to choose images, videos and quotes that most perfectly reflect your aspirations and goals. You can use your own photos and suitable pictures from the Internet. For an extra touch, add voice notes to evoke emotions.

Ensure all chosen elements are stored on your device—phone, tablet, or computer.

To bring your digital vision board to life, use specialized apps or image editing programs (Canva or Photoshop). These tools offer layouts for easy arrangement. Just transfer your elements into the app and save the final result.

An iPad for making a digital vision board
An iPad for making a digital vision board

4. Making Your Vision Board Work for You

For your vision board to work, you need to activate. Place a simple wish on your board, something you can easily fulfill in the near future. Maybe it's baking a scrumptious cake, enjoying a park visit, or catching up with friends. Once you've accomplished at least one desire from your board, consider it officially activated.

If you have created a physical vision board, you can frame it nicely. Place the board in a place where you will regularly pass by – think your room's wall. If digital's your game, set it as your device's wallpaper or home screen widget for easy access.

Tune in to a regular practice of visualization and meditation using the vision board. Regularly gaze upon the images, verbalize your desires aloud, and immerse yourself in the feelings they stir within you. By visualizing and internalizing your goals, you'll boost your confidence in attaining them.

Life's a journey, and so are your goals. Embrace flexibility in your decisions. Keep your vision board relevant by revisiting it regularly, making updates as needed. This ensures your board remains a wellspring of inspiration and motivation. Remember, a vision board typically spans one to three years, accommodating shifts in your life and aspirations.

5. Taking Action Is The Key

Your vision board is a potent visualization tool, but remember, it's a co-pilot to your actions. Here's the actionable roadmap post-creation:

  • Break It Down: Split your big goal into bite-sized steps. Craft a specific action plan and track progress. If it's a business venture, think of market research or drafting a business plan.

  • Take Action Every Day: Keep moving. Take a step, however small, toward your goal daily. Task completion, skill learning, research, networking – each step counts.

  • Be Consistent: Constancy and consistency in actions play an important role in achieving goals. Even if progress may seem slow, keep pushing forward. Consistency's your ally, inching you closer to your goal.

  • Keep Learning: Continuous updating of knowledge and skills is essential to achieve goals. Continuously update your skills – read, learn, attend seminars, apply newfound wisdom.

  • Evaluate and Adapt: Regularly monitor your progress and analyze what actions are producing results and what needs to be adjusted. If you notice that certain approaches aren't producing the results you want, be prepared to adapt your plan and try new options.

  • Team Up: Share your vision board plans with friends or family. Sometimes getting other people involved helps make your road to success more interesting and inspiring.

  • Practice Persistence: Realizing big dreams can take time and effort. Do not give up at the first obstacle, but learn to overcome difficulties and keep moving forward.

Your vision board sparks the journey, but actions fuel it. Let your board inspire, but remember, your dreams bloom with relentless effort.

The signpost for your goals
The signpost for your goals


Having a clear life vision fuels self-development. Your vision board turbocharges that process. With our step-by-step guide, you're equipped to craft your vision board. Now, dive in, create your board, and chase your dreams. Best of luck on your self-development adventure!

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