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How to Make a Feng Shui Vision Board? – VISIYA

Updated: May 6

Vision board collages have their roots in Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy. This tradition emphasizes organizing spaces to foster a harmonious flow of positive energy. Ancient Feng Shui practitioners believed fervently that outlining your dreams in a strategic layout could indeed manifest them into reality. In this article, we explore how to create a Feng Shui vision board based on the Bagua grid.

What Does The Process Of Making A Feng Shui Vision Board Look Like?

The process of creating vision boards calls on your intuition and creativity to paint a vivid picture of your life's dreams.

Ensure you block a few uninterrupted hours for this process. Set the scene for peaceful creation with relaxing music and softly lit candles to enhance your mood. Take some time to visualize your desires clearly, infusing them with positivity and emotion for an impactful result.

Want to start working on your Feng Shui vision board? The new moon phase is the ideal time to begin. This celestial event is thought to bring a surge of positive energy, adding a powerful charge to your vision board's activation.

Missed the new moon? No worries! You can also initiate your board during the waxing moon phase. However, it's generally not recommended to start creating your vision board during the waning moon. This phase is often viewed as less favorable.

Also, remember your vision board is not a lifetime commitment. Typically, its life span lasts between 1-3 years. It's not advised to form long-term goals for this reason. Keep this timeframe in mind when you’re writing down your desires for your Feng Shui vision board.

How To Make a Feng Shui Vision Board?

If you want to create a comprehensive overview of every area of your life, then your best bet is to create a vision board based on the feng shui Bagua grid.

Feng Shui Bagua Grid
Feng Shui Bagua Grid

A proper Bagua board consists of nine sectors. Each sector corresponds to important areas of our lives, has its cardinal direction, color, and energy field.

Health (center)


Color – yellow AND the yin yang symbol

Main element – earth

Your photo, health, beauty, harmony

The center reflects your health and personality. Right here, in the very center of the board, you should place a picture of yourself. Choose the photo you like most, one in which you are beautiful and happy. You can put pictures that are associated with beauty and health next to it. This is the starting point of your Feng Shui vision board.

Wealth (southeast)

Top left sector

Color – green, purple

Main element – wood

Money, material possessions, jewelry, cars, prosperity

Your wealth zone symbolizes financial prosperity. Place images representing financial goals and material desires like luxury items, symbols of pay increases, bonuses, or owning a house here.

Fame (south)

Top center sector

Color – red

Main element – fire

Glory, reputation, achievements, good luck, fame, recognition

Next up is the fame and fortune sector, representative of your social standing and reputation. Fill it with symbols of success, recognition, and career advancement, like trophies, certificates, and awards.

Love (southwest)

Upper right sector.

Color – pink, red and all shades of earth

Main element – earth

Love, marriage, romance, relationships, passion

The love and relationships sphere is next. If you're in a fulfilling relationship, images of shared happy moments will do. Pictures symbolizing love and harmony also fit here. Singles might add photos of happy couples and an ideal partner's representation.

Family (east)

Left center sector

Color – green

Main element – wood

Family, relatives, ancestors, home, comfort, close friends

The family sector is for cherishing family ties. Images of a happy, large family can foster better relationships among relatives and friends. If you're not planning on having kids, make sure your selected images don't feature children.

Children, creativity (west)

Right center sector

Color – white, silver, gold

Main element – metal

Children, grandchildren, creativity, new beginnings, hobbies, interests

The creativity and children sector supports child-rearing, future family planning, and creative energies. Pictures of babies, a pregnant woman, or a mother-child duo work if you're planning a family. If not, dedicate this space to your creative pursuits and hobbies.

Knowledge (northeast)

Lower left sector

Color – beige and all shades of brown

Main element – earth

Knowledge, wisdom, learning, education, self-development, life experience

Your self-improvement and skills enhancement reside in the education and knowledge zone. Here you can place a picture with a diploma of higher education or a certificate of completion of courses. You can also put images of books, medals, diplomas, flags of states, languages you dream to learn, or online courses you want to take.

Career, business (north)

Lower center sector

Color – blue, light blue, black

Main element – water

Career, work, starting a business, professional growth, success

The career zone is designed for professional goals. Choose images reflecting career progress, your dream workspace, job title, and desired salary. Entrepreneurs can add images related to their business.

Travel, helpful people (northwest)

Lower right sector

Color – white, gold, silver

Main element – metal

Helpers, mentors, teachers, colleagues, travel, tourism

The travel and helpful friends sector is the final piece of the puzzle. In here, add pictures of places you wish to visit, mock plane tickets, or photographs of friendly groups. Images of individuals who can support your goals, like mentors or advisors, can also be added here.

To make the process even simpler, we've created a downloadable Feng Shui vision board template. This user-friendly guide serves as your blueprint, helping you perfectly align your dreams and desires with the Feng Shui sectors. Just fill in each segmented area thoughtfully, and you've got a ready-made, systematically organized vision board to guide you on your journey towards fulfillment and prosperity. Let our handy template bring you one step closer to your envisioned life!

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