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180 Unique Affirmations for Your (Feng Shui) Vision Board – VISIYA

Updated: May 6

When making your vision board, you can use powerful affirmations along with photos and pictures. Affirmations are positive statements which can improve your mood, let you believe in your strength, and set yourself up for a brighter future. Affirmations positively influence not only mental, but also physiological processes and help to reinforce certain behaviors.

Depending on the type of the vision board, affirmations can be useful for one or more areas of your life. We have collected 20 affirmations for each of the nine important life sectors if you're crafting your vision board according to feng shui. However, we recommend that you create your own affirmations that suit your personal situation.

Health 🍏 – (center)

  1. I have plenty of energy

  2. I am healthy and full of energy

  3. I feel great

  4. I am in great physical shape

  5. I eat healthy

  6. I deserve to have a healthy body

  7. I have a strong immune system

  8. I love every cell of my body

  9. Healthy habits improve my life

  10. I have a strong body and a sound mind

  11. I have the power to heal

  12. My mind is strong

  13. Good health is my divine right

  14. Thanks to my good health, I enjoy every second of my life

  15. My body recovers quickly and easily

  16. Every day I get stronger

  17. It's natural for me to be healthy

  18. My body can withstand any load

  19. I listen with love to my body’s messages

  20. I feel glorious, dynamic energy. Furthermore, I am active and alive

Wealth 💸 – (southeast)

  1. I have enough money for everything

  2. I am grateful for money

  3. Wealth is always with me

  4. I let wealth into my life

  5. I attract money

  6. I am a rich person

  7. I release all resistance to attracting money

  8. Powerful streams of abundance rush to my home

  9. I feel financial freedom and independence

  10. I deserve to be a rich person

  11. I love to give money a good home

  12. I attract wealth

  13. Thanks to wealth, I change my life for the better

  14. I am worthy of wealth

  15. My wealth gives me true freedom

  16. I enjoy my wealth

  17. Money flows to me easily

  18. I'm full of ideas to make money

  19. An abundance of money is available to me in this world

  20. My bank account is growing very fast

Fame, Reputation 📢 – (south)

  1. I deserve good reputation

  2. I know for sure that my glory is waiting for me

  3. My reputation for honesty and compassion grows daily

  4. I deserve to be a successful and respected person

  5. I care about my good reputation

  6. I believe in my fortune

  7. I am honored and respected in every way by the people I work with

  8. Life loves me

  9. Fame is what fills my life with joy and happiness

  10. My life is a path of glory and success

  11. I am inspired by my victories

  12. I feel the respect of others

  13. I know what I want and I get it

  14. People around me see my achievements

  15. I feel like a complete and successful person

  16. I am a winner

  17. I am a talented and successful person

  18. I feel that people admire me

  19. I enjoy an abundance of support and enthusiasm for my accomplishments

  20. Every day I become more successful, my fame grows

Love, Relationships ❤️ – (southwest)

  1. The world around me is full of love

  2. Love brings me great pleasure and joy

  3. I open myself to an inexhaustible source of love

  4. Wherever I go and whoever I am with, I find love

  5. I enjoy the love, beauty and kindness of the world around me

  6. My heart is ready to receive love

  7. I am a magnet for love and happiness

  8. I can receive and give love

  9. My partner and I feel safe with each other

  10. My relationship will be open, honest and full of abundance

  11. I am able to love and deserve love

  12. I feel loved

  13. The more love I give, the more I receive

  14. I am surrounded by an atmosphere of love and happiness

  15. I was created for happiness, pleasure, and love

  16. I attract love and give it to others

  17. Thanks to love, I easily overcome any obstacles.

  18. I am filled with true love and joy

  19. I enjoy intimacy and love

  20. I deserve true love

Family 👨‍👩‍👧 – (east)

  1. I have a wonderful family

  2. I have a good relationship with my family

  3. My family is my stronghold of a happy life

  4. I'm proud of my family

  5. Each member of my family is unique

  6. My family always supports me

  7. I love every member of my family

  8. I easily and simply find a common language with all members of my family

  9. I have patience with everyone, including myself

  10. I accept that I cannot change a family member’s mood

  11. My family members always tell the truth

  12. By listening attentively to my family members, I understand their being

  13. I wish only the best for my family

  14. My family's life is full of joy, happiness and amazing adventures

  15. My family life is full of love

  16. We look out for one another

  17. I enjoy family life

  18. My joy is increased by releasing past hurts and being present

  19. My family life is a source of true joy

  20. Joy, peace and harmony always reign in my family

Children, Creativity 🎨 – (west)

  1. My children respect and love me

  2. My children deserve love and respect

  3. My children have tremendous inner potential

  4. My children fill my life with true meaning

  5. My children are my pride

  6. I allow my children to learn from mistakes

  7. My children are in good health

  8. My children deserve success and well-being

  9. I can find beauty in my children

  10. I have a good relationship with children

  11. I embrace inspiration

  12. I am inspired to create

  13. My practice of gratitude sparks new ideas

  14. I am a creative person

  15. My creativity grows every day

  16. I am safe to pursue my ideas

  17. My heart is wide open to new ideas

  18. My creativity fills my life with true meaning

  19. Creativity makes me a happy and self-sufficient person

  20. Creativity makes my life beautiful

Knowledge 📚 – (northeast)

  1. Knowledge attracts me

  2. My mind and heart are open to everything new

  3. I easily learn new things

  4. I'm getting wiser every day

  5. I am a genius at what I do

  6. I am always ready to learn and grow

  7. I like self-development

  8. Knowledge fills my life with true meaning

  9. Every day I am expanding my experience

  10. I solve all the tasks that I am faced with

  11. Knowledge makes my life path easier and more understandable

  12. My life is an endless search for new knowledge

  13. I am gaining knowledge and wisdom at all times

  14. I eagerly absorb new information

  15. I never stop seeking new knowledge

  16. Every new problem I solve increases my intelligence

  17. In any life situation, I find the best solution for me

  18. I have enough strength and knowledge to succeed

  19. I find answers to all my questions

  20. I am wise beyond my years

Career, Business 👩🏻‍💼 – (north)

  1. I am worthy of the career success I desire

  2. I am fulfilling my purpose in this world

  3. I am creating a work life that inspires and motivates me

  4. I am making my dream career

  5. I am willing to put in the work needed to achieve my professional goals

  6. I'm climbing the corporate ladder at lightning speed

  7. I am the perfect candidate for this job

  8. Work gives me the opportunity to reveal my inner potential

  9. I am now taking my career to the next level

  10. I work in a highly paid and interesting job

  11. I have my thriving business

  12. I believe in myself and in my business

  13. I use new ideas to grow my business

  14. I am always ready for reasonable and effective efforts for my business

  15. People trust me and my business

  16. I increase my income every day

  17. I can achieve anything I want to

  18. I'm ahead of the competition today and always

  19. I easily achieve my business goals

  20. I am a born entrepreneur

Travel, Helpers 🌎 – (northwest)

  1. I travel safely to any fascinating place

  2. I am proactively creating opportunities for myself to travel

  3. When I travel, I meet many interesting people

  4. I can travel anywhere as I have unlimited resources

  5. I travel as much as I want

  6. I enjoy traveling

  7. I am excited to see unique local places and have authentic experiences

  8. I am a magnet for new journeys and adventures

  9. The universe provides me with everything I need to make travel happen

  10. My travels fill me with positive experiences and emotions

  11. I constantly attract helpful, generous, loving people

  12. All the people that life brings me love and support me

  13. People around me generate a powerful and positive energy to lift me up

  14. I am surrounded by people who respect me

  15. I trust the people around me

  16. I am surrounded by true friends and like-minded people

  17. Kind and friendly people come into my life

  18. I meet the right people at the right time

  19. People around me are loyal and tolerant; I can trust them and be myself around them

  20. I form for myself an environment in which I thrive

Kindly note that affirmations should match your current situation. Besides, you should really like them. It doesn't make sense to use affirmations just because you're supposed to. If you could not find an appropriate affirmation for your vision board, then you can use slogans or values (e.g., freedom, integrity).

But in any case, you need to understand that affirmations, slogans, and other positive statements are not a magic spell. Therefore, if you want your dreams to come true, you need to act! Move towards your goal and take the necessary actions to fulfill your desires.

We wish you good luck 🥳!

Affirmation 'I have the power to heal myself'
Affirmation example

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