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Feng Shui Vision Board Reviews: Inspiring Stories of Manifestation – VISIYA

Updated: May 8

Does a Feng Shui vision board work? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We have collected reviews, experiences and helpful tips from people who have created their own Feng Shui vision boards, so you get a real assessment of the effectiveness of this technique.

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Feng Shui Vision Board Reviews

Review 1: Do You Have A Dream? Write It Down And Take Action!

Over a year ago, I took the Feng Shui route while making mine, and I must say, it's no illusion - it genuinely works! Life was not the same after the board — it sparked a change, marking a clear “before and after”.

Sharing this secret with my sister led her to create her own board, and the results were magical. Within a month, she had moved in with her boyfriend, and within eight months, they were married!

For me, the 'wealth and career' section proved to be the most fruitful. Perhaps because I have written most of my desires in it.

Remember, your vision board should mirror your ambitions and desires, not anyone else's. The most valuable advice I can give you is to create your Feng Shui vision board on a waxing moon. Quickly search online for the moon phases and align your schedule likewise.

If, by chance, it's a waning moon, take this as an opportunity. Use this time to brainstorm ideas, gather your favorite images, and chalk out your dream plans.

Just remember, the idea of a vision board is not to idly wait for dreams to come true. In the words of the motivational wizard Brian Tracy: “Do you have a dream? Write it down and take action!” Manifesting a dream calls for action, and the universe will meet you halfway by providing the necessary resources, opportunities, or people to help you inch closer to your goal.

In many surprising ways, since creating my Feng Shui vision board, I found myself surrounded by circumstances and people who push me towards achieving my goals. If you're unsure or hesitant, just trust the universe. Give it a shot, and make that vision board. After all, why would the universe put forth opportunities if you won't even bother to try to make a simple vision board?!”

Review 2: All Desires Must Be Clear And Specific.

If you're familiar with Feng Shui, you've probably heard about the vision board. This board is a beautiful representation of your dreams and goals, an essential tool to manifest them into reality. I've followed the principles of Feng Shui in creating my vision board, and it seems to work.

Before you start, remember this golden nugget – Make all of your wishes clear and specific. Select pictures of the things you desire and place your photo among them. Imagine wanting a car – paste a picture of that car and seat yourself behind the wheel, driving it. The same holds for a house, where you should be portrayed right in the center of your dream home, not standing outside. Here's why: you want to visualize yourself owning these desires, not standing outside trying to peek in.

Navigating through the relationship sector needs a bit of caution. If you're already in a relationship, place a picture of your beloved and surround it with affirmations like, “We're in love, and we're happy.” However, if you're on the lookout for your significant other, place a photo of a couple, where you represent one face, and your future partner's face is out of sight, or facing backward.

Clarity is crucial in your vision board. Use pictures that accurately match your dreams. A little flaw in a picture might lead to an imperfect manifestation. If there's a scratch on the pictured car, you might end up with a scratched vehicle yourself. Use recent photographs of yourself in each sector of your Feng Shui vision board – ones where you are happy.

Don't hesitate to add supportive symbols like butterflies, balloons, books, cups, or angels on the board. Creating a vision board should be a creative and rewarding experience.

Review 3: Work With Your Feng Shui Vision Board Regularly

Making a vision board may seem effortless; looking at it even more so. But to make your wishes come true, you need to take action steps towards your dream fulfillment.

When creating a vision board, select only your most cherished desires.

To help you decide on your wishes, ask yourself the question: Why, and who needs your dream? If the answer is you, then you're on the right path. This authentic wish will manifest faster. Sometimes, we crave aspects of others' lives and desire them for ourselves, hardly reflecting if we truly need them. Unrealized dreams often stem from these faux desires.That's why those sorts of dreams don't come true, you just don't need them.

Well, let's talk about how it works. And there is no doubt that it really does. The board makes the subconscious mind work. By contemplating the desires in the pictures, our subconscious mind is activated, and it sends our brain guidelines for action. As a result, you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Opportunities find the one who is looking for them.

To make your Feng Shui vision board work, you need to work with it regularly. Place your board somewhere convenient and private, away from skeptics' eyes. Reflect on your vision board regularly, preferably nightly, repeating your wishes. It is preferable to work with the board every day, then it will have a quicker effect.

Now, on a personal note, using my own Feng Shui vision board, I've seen almost all my dreams come true. Some didn’t because their time has not come yet.

Besides, some wishes do come to life, but we may not even notice it because we have not accurately and vaguely defined our goals. For example, I wanted to move to another city, and my dream came true. But I wanted to live in a big city but moved to a small town. But I changed my place of residence after all. My dream came true, I just didn't indicate where exactly I wanted to live. So anyone can try to create such a board, it does not take much time and effort, but what if it really helps you to fulfill your deepest desires.

Now, on a personal note, using my Feng Shui vision board, I've seen almost all my dreams come true, with a few just being shy of their manifestation time. Be aware that sometimes, wishes do come to life, but in an unperceived fashion due to vague definitions. For instance, my wish to relocate manifested, but not a specified destination. I did move, just not to the metropolis I had in mind. Nevertheless, my dream was realized.

Creating a vision board is a worthy endeavor requiring minimal time and effort. So, why not give it a shot? Who knows, it just might guide you towards the realization of your deepest desires.

Review 4: A Negative Result Is Also A Result.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled in women magazines upon the concept of a Feng Shui vision board. Back then, I just wasn't very interested in what they were and how they worked. Eventually, I thought, why not give it a try. After all, if it doesn’t work, I lose nothing, but if it does, it's all a win.

I went all in, digging deeper into its concept, exploring different perspectives from authors, and ultimately realized that the methodology didn't matter. Because the main thing is a positive attitude and faith.

I prepared a poster board, paints, felt-tip pens, magazines with pictures, and my own photos. Everything was beautifully decorated, and I liked the process. I thought about all my wishes, wrote them down, placed them on a board, put the board in the right place, and kept going back to it mentally. I liked to look at the pictures on the board and reflect on my dreams.

Several years had passed and nothing had come true! One could think that life presented me with opportunities, and I did not take advantage of them. It seemed like some doors even closed for me and no new ones opened.

I am not disappointed with this vision board and the time I spent creating it. But the board didn't make my wishes come true!

Review 5: Was It A Miracle? No, That's Just How The Feng Shui Vision Board Works.

The first time I came across a Feng Shui vision board was by accident. I went to a friend's house one day, and she was sitting on the floor, cutting out pictures from a huge pile of magazines. At first, I thought maybe she was making a collage. And then she told me that this board makes our wishes come true faster.

So I decided to try it myself. I read on the Internet that you should make a Feng Shui vision board on certain dates according to the moon cycle. You can create it using paper and clippings, but I made mine on the computer. I found pictures on the Internet, and all I had to do was put them in the right order using a special software.

The board became my desktop background for a year, and I looked at it at least twice a day. It should always be in front of your eyes, but only yours. It's better for others not to know about it.

First, I placed only a few dreams to avoid overkill. Almost immediately, smaller wishes materialized – a pair of new sneakers, luxury perfume, and a laptop.

Then I dared to dream bigger. I pinned a picture from the music video shoot, and soon I found myself landing a gig on a music video crew.

Next was an apartment. It seems the universe threw a little curveball. I wanted it to be my property, but I ended up just renting it. However, the house was the same as in the picture. It took 1.5 years to get married, not a year, but still…

Was it a miracle? No, that's just how the vision board works. It's just a matter of believing and acting!

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