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Why Should You Make A Vision Board For Couples – VISIYA

Updated: May 8

You've started dreaming about another fantastic year filled with love. However, suddenly you are faced with plans or upcoming changes and unsure whether you two are on the same page. Were you afraid of the beginning because you didn't know how either of you would respond to them? Whether it is moving in together, traveling, or planning a wedding, maybe your relationship becomes long-distance, or you need some bonding experience, you must have a plan and a healthy vision together. But most of all, you need to find balance and harmony in your choices.

Sometimes the answer can be very simple and still make all the difference. That said, that’s precisely what we will talk about today: a vision board for couples!

A couple crafting together
A couple crafting together

What is a vision board for couples?

Here is a practical example: pick a collection of your shared ideas and desires, set goals, and put them on a wall in your bedroom. You can put them on the wall, above the bed, wherever you like. This visualization will remind you every day of what you have and are fighting for — an ideal relationship with your partner. See? You actually created it. It is a compass to guide you to your soulmate's heart. But how can these couples vision board examples help you with your love life?

In essence, this is the most realistic representation of your goals and expectations from a partner. You will learn more about your partner, their preferences, and even emotions on a particular matter. But most importantly? You will have a priority, a beacon leading the way toward happiness. Whenever things get tough, your vision board will work with you on the essential things and fight for your priorities as a couple.

The importance of visualizing and manifesting your dreams

With helpful mechanisms that visually describe your dreams, you will increase the chance to achieve your desires and goals. As we mentioned, this concept is further developed by a vision board for couples, enabling partners to synchronize their dreams and desires.

In this way, you also get to know each other better, talk about shared values, and navigate your paths for the future. Even planning an adventure journey is easier with a vision board. It can be as simple as talking about do's and don'ts, making communication easier. Imagine you wake up and see pictures of your desired destination attached to your vision board. This will not only motivate you to continue planning but will also infuse you with wonderful, enthusiastic energy to start the day on a positive note.

A vision board for couples is definitely a game changer, vividly depicting the future and helping you to stay true to your dreams until you manifest them.

Couple holding hands
Couple holding hands

Creating a powerful couple vision board

You may wonder how to begin and how to approach it. And maybe you ask yourself whether you will find common ground; will some arguing be involved? A clash of different opinions? These are just some couples vision board questions that will pop into your head.

But let’s put aside those thoughts and allow us to explain how to make a vision board a fun ritual. Here’s an idea – why don’t you make it a challenge game? Compete to find the most suitable picture for your shared idea. Or discover your partner's preferences on certain categories and just try to match them with images. Follow each visualization that turns to manifestation and celebrate it together! But remember to mark it on the board as a reminder that things are really working.

Now, are you ready to take your relationship to the next level and create a fantastic couple vision board? Follow our steps:

  • First, decide on the time frame for your vision board. Stick to a yearly or six-month plan.

  • Next, categorize your goals. Focus on relationship principles, adventures and dates, careers, hobbies, dream home, and travel budgets. Make room for each of these categories.

  • Now comes the fun part! Find pictures, symbols or stickers that represent each goal.

  • Make sure your goals are clear and specific. For example, if your goal is to travel, define time, location, and budget with symbols or notes.

  • Adding affirmations to your couple's vision board is the main idea. Compose a citation for yourself and аnother one for your partner. Make citing it your weekend ritual.

  • Make checking your couple's vision board a habit. Sit down together, discuss your progress, and read your achievements. Think about improvements, upgrades, and challenges. It is a great opportunity to make stronger bonds and be honest.

To stay on track:

  • Review your board monthly. Have a meeting (or a date 💛) where you revise the first point on your vision board.

  • Make your vision board part of your digital life for visibility – set it as a lock screen or wallpaper on your tablets and computers.

  • Or print the template below and put it in the living room.

Example of couples on a lock screen
Example of couples on a lock screen


We can all agree that a vision board for couples is an appealing idea. However, using templates is even a much better one! So make sure to check our printable couple vision board template PDFs or register on our app and discover our specially customized templates! We guarantee that you will enjoy visualizing your perfect relationship. You are welcome to share your story with us – we can’t wait to hear all about it 😍!

Couples vision board template preview
Couples vision board template

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