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The Most Important Vision Board Areas – VISIYA

Updated: May 10

Deciding which life areas to cover on your vision board can feel like a puzzle. However, the answer to this question is deeply personal and linked to the type of vision board you want to create. In this blog post, we delve into how different vision board types determine the areas of focus in your life. Additionally, we present essential sections along with appropriate questions and affirmations to guide your vision board creation.

Understanding vision boards and their types

A vision board acts as a collage of aspirations, combining images, words, and motivational phrases representing your dreams. It's a helpful tool to visualize and achieve goals. Broadly speaking, we categorize vision boards into three types, each offering a distinct direction for life areas to consider.

  • A comprehensive vision board (e.g., according to Feng Shui): this board aims to encompass as many life areas as possible.

  • A loose/dreamy vision board: This type unleashes your creativity, allowing you to focus on the areas that currently matter most to you without fixating on specifics.

  • A themed vision board: Focusing on a single theme – say, travel – allows for a targeted approach where areas are tailored to that particular subject, such as cities and beaches.

Vision Board / Dream Board Poster
Vision board / dream board poster

Key areas to cover on your vision board

The areas of life that are important to you vary from one individual to another. Some people focus on their professional goals, others value personal relationships or health-centric goals.

Here's a glimpse of the life areas you should include on your vision board:

Health and well-being ♥️

This includes physical fitness, dietary habits, mental well-being, and all aspects contributing to a wholesome and balanced life.

Questions to consider

  • What specific fitness and mental health goals do I aim to achieve?

  • Which healthy habits do I want to integrate into my daily routine?

  • How do I envision my optimal physical and mental state?

Relevant affirmations

  • My body is strong and healthy, and I take loving care of it.

  • I am brimming with vitality to conquer each day.

  • I am thankful for a sound mind and body.

Relationships 👨‍👩‍👦

This involves friendships, familial bonds, romantic connections, and overall social interactions. Questions to consider

  • What kinds of relationships hold the utmost significance to me (family, friends, romantic)?

  • What qualities do I cherish the most in my relationships?

  • How can I fortify and deepen my social connections?

Relevant affirmations

  • I maintain loving and respectful relationships with the people around me.

  • I am surrounded by supportive and positive people.

  • My relationships are a source of joy.

Finance and wealth 💸

This area encapsulates financial objectives, investments, savings, and overall financial stability.

Questions to consider

  • What financial milestones do I aim to reach in the near future?

  • What strategies can bolster my financial security and independence?

  • What types of investments or income streams do I want to develop?

Relevant affirmations

  • I attract prosperity and financial abundance into my life.

  • I act wisely and responsibly with my money.

  • I deserve to enjoy financial security and freedom.

Career and profession 📎

This sector is about professional aspirations, growth opportunities and career development.

Questions to consider

  • What professional goals do I want to achieve in the next five years?

  • What are my passions and strengths that I would like to use in my professional career?

  • What's my ideal workplace and working environment?

Relevant affirmations

  • I have the skills and knowledge to achieve my professional goals.

  • I deserve recognition and success in my career.

  • I am driven and focused on my career advancement.

Personal development and growth 🌿

This area encompasses goals related to personal growth, honing skills, and unlocking one's full potential. Questions to consider

  • What new skills or talents do I want to develop?

  • What personal qualities or character traits do I want to develop further?

  • How can I actively work on my own development?

Relevant affirmations

  • Every day offers me opportunities for personal development.

  • I am open to new insights and constantly learning.

  • I can develop my full potential.

Pro Tip: For those aiming to create a comprehensive vision board, we recommend adhering to Feng Shui guidelines. A Feng Shui vision board contains 9 areas of life based on the Bagua grid, which reflects the cardinal directions.

Different life sectors
Different life sectors

Areas of life for a themed vision board

A themed vision board can be crafted to spotlight any aspect of life, focusing solely on one area, such as travel or relationships. This board type allows for a detailed exploration by delving into sub-areas. Below, we showcase two examples illustrating how a primary area can be divided into sub-categories.

Example 1: Travel 🌎

Nature 🏕️

The Nature section of the vision board is dedicated to the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Here you can find images of mountains, beaches, forests and other impressive landscapes.

Questions to consider

  • What natural wonders and landscapes are on my list of places to experience?

  • Which outdoor activities do I want to do in nature?

  • What aspects of nature touch and inspire me?

Relevant affirmations

  • Nature is my haven of tranquility and inspiration.

  • I discover the wonders of nature with gratitude.

  • Every moment in nature is a reminder of its magic.

Cities 🌇

This area focuses on the appeal of urban centers. Populate it with images showcasing impressive skylines, historic landmarks, and vibrant street scenes you aspire to visit.

Questions to consider

  • Which cities have special meaning for me and why?

  • Which architectural highlights or cultural sights would I like to explore in the cities?

  • Which local specialties would I like to try in the different cities?

Relevant quotes

  • Cities are like people. Each has its own personality and story.

  • A city is a book with infinite pages that never ends.

  • Cities are like songs, each has its own rhythm.

Experiences 🪂

The Experiences section of the vision board focuses on unique experiences and adventures that enrich lives. It should convey the joy of special moments and unforgettable experiences and remind you to live life to the fullest. Questions to consider

  • What adventurous activities do I really want to do while traveling?

  • What special encounters would I like to have so that I can take them home with me as unforgettable memories?

  • How can I actively engage in experiences during my travels?

Relevant affirmations

  • Every experience enriches my life and makes me grow.

  • I am open to new adventures.

  • I experience life to the fullest and am grateful for its unique moments.

Example 2: Physical activity and fitness 💪

Workout routines 🏋️‍♀️

This segment visualizes physical activity and diverse training possibilities. Here you will find inspiring pictures of various exercises, sports and fitness.

Questions to consider

  • What type of workouts and exercises motivate me the most?

  • How can I design my training routine so that it is effective and sustainable?

  • What goals do I have regarding my physical fitness and how do I visualize them on my vision board?

Relevant affirmations

  • I strengthen my body with joy and energy.

  • My body is getting stronger day by day.

  • Every workout brings me closer to my goal.

Nutrition 🍏

The Nutrition section of the vision board focuses on encouraging conscious choices of nutrient-rich foods. Here you will find pictures of healthy snacks and meals. The goal is to visualize a balanced diet that optimally supports the body and promotes healthy well-being.

Questions to consider

  • What healthy foods and meals do I want to incorporate into my diet?

  • How can I plan my diet so that it optimally supports my body?

  • What recipes/meals would I like to try?

Relevant affirmations

  • I consciously choose nutrient-rich foods.

  • Healthy eating is a gift I give to my body.

  • I give my body the nutrition it needs.

Rewards 🙌

Dedicated to acknowledging progress and goals achieved in health and fitness, this section highlights rewarding oneself. Integrate images of relaxing spa treatments, wellness getaways, or other healthy rewards.

Questions to consider

  • What types of rewards motivate and contribute to my well-being?

  • How can I reward myself in a way that recognizes and supports my progress?

  • How do I visually represent my rewards on the vision board?

Relevant affirmations

  • I honor my achievements and reward myself.

  • Every milestone is a reason to celebrate.

  • I treat myself to special moments as a tribute to my efforts.

You can find these and other vision board templates in our app.

Other important areas of life

We're all unique, with different priorities and dreams in life. If the mentioned areas don't cover everything that matters to you, consider adding these sections to your vision board.

Community and giving back 🫶

This is about getting involved in your community, volunteering, and making a positive impact on the world.

Questions to consider

  • Which causes or projects mean a lot to me?

  • How can I actively help and support my community?

  • What specific actions can I take to make the world a better place?

Relevant affirmations

  • I contribute to my community in meaningful ways.

  • My actions create positivity around me.

  • I make a valuable difference in society.

Creativity and hobbies 👨‍🎨

This section is about creative projects, hobbies, and activities that bring happiness and fulfillment. Questions to consider

  • What creative projects do I enjoy the most?

  • How can I dedicate more time to my creative pursuits?

  • Are there new hobbies I'd like to explore?

Relevant affirmations

  • I express my creativity freely.

  • Creating things brings me joy.

  • My hobbies make my life richer.

Home and surroundings 🏡

This part focuses on your living situation and environment. It includes your home, neighborhood, proximity to nature, or cultural diversity.

Questions to consider

  • What kind of lifestyle do I aim for (simple, close to nature, material)?

  • What matters most in my living space (peace, relaxation, inspiration, community)?

  • How can my living environment best support my lifestyle?

Relevant affirmations

  • I live in a home that offers me security and safety.

  • I create an environment that inspires and supports me.

  • I live in harmony with my environment.

Spirituality and finding yourself 🧘‍♀️

This section involves goals related to spiritual growth, meditation, mindfulness, and seeking inner fulfillment.

Questions to consider

  • What spiritual or philosophical beliefs matter to me?

  • What practices help me establish a deeper connection with myself and the universe?

  • How can I make time for spiritual practices regularly?

Relevant affirmations

  • My spiritual practices bring me peace and contentment.

  • I feel centered and at one with the universe.

  • My spiritual journey empowers me and helps me grow.


These areas offer a solid foundation for crafting a vision board that reflects various aspects of a person’s life. Remember, you can define and prioritize your own life areas too. Ensure your vision board resonates with your personal goals and desires.

If you're seeking more resources on vision boards, check out our other articles.

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