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Examples Of Vision Board Goals – VISIYA

A vision board is a powerful method to visualize and manifest your goals. By focusing on your dreams and desires, you can strengthen your subconscious and pave the path to your success. You can use a vision board to record different types of goals to support your personal, professional, physical and emotional progress. This post aims to provide some practical ideas to use on your personal board.

Vision board example
Vision board example

How A Vision Board Works

A vision board (also called a dream board) is a visual representation of your goals and desires. It can consist of a series of images, words, and symbols that represent your desired results. A vision board works on two important levels: the conscious and the subconscious. You consciously use the vision board as a visual reminder of your goals and as a guide for your actions. Simultaneously, your subconscious is constantly scanning your environment for opportunities to achieve your goals. By regularly looking at your vision board, you activate your subconscious and attract positive changes into your life. You can find detailed instructions on how to make your own vision board in this post.

Vision board goals examples
Vision board goals

Different Types Of Goals For Your Vision Board

Now let's explore a few examples of goals you can put on your vision board. Essentially, goals are based on areas of life. We recommend reading this article to get a comprehensive impression of the possible sectors.

Furthermore, the term “goals” is not always correct in the context of vision boards – it would be better to speak of dreams, plans, and intentions. Explore different types of vision boards and choose the one that fits your needs.

By the way, it’s up to you whether you want to write down your goals as specifically as possible or whether you want to convey the concept/topic of the goal using pictures and empowering affirmations.

Personal Goals

This could include traveling to exotic locations, learning a new skill, or finding inner peace. Think about your personal interests and desires and record them on your board.

  • Example: I wish to express myself in different artistic areas, such as painting or writing. I plan to complete a small art project to further my creative abilities and find fulfillment in my hobby.

Personal vision board goals
Personal goals

Professional Goals

Do you want to get a promotion, start your own business or change your job? Your vision board can remind you of what you want to achieve professionally and motivate you to take the necessary steps toward the goals you set.

  • Example: My vision board serves as a daily reminder of my ambitions to grow professionally by continuing my education and constantly expanding my skills in my current field of work. I also strive to share my expertise and establish myself as an industry expert.

Professional vision board goals
Professional goals

Health and Fitness Goals

With a vision board you can focus on your physical and mental health. Include goals for regular exercise, a healthy diet or reducing stress. Record these goals on your vision board to keep your motivation high.

  • Example: My vision board reflects my determination to prioritize my physical health. I want to take part in a 10 km (6.21 miles) run in the spring, and I'm training for that several times a week. In addition, I strive for sufficient rest and healthy sleep to feel vital and productive.

Fitness goals on a vision board
Fitness goals

Relationship Goals

Whether it's your romantic relationship, friendships, or family — relationships should take up an important place on your board. Relationship goals typically include creating and maintaining healthy, supportive, and fulfilling connections based on trust, respect, openness, communication, and mutual support.

  • Example: I want to build a deeper connection with my partner by regularly spending quality time together and maintaining open communication.

Relationship goals on a vision board
Relationship goals

Financial Goals

Financial goals are often closely related to personal goals and can help achieve long-term dreams. These goals can cover a wide range of areas, including creating financial security, paying off debts, saving for buying a property, investing in assets like stocks and so on.

  • Example: My vision board visualizes my desire to achieve financial independence by regularly saving money and making smart investments. I am looking to diversify my income sources to purchase a condominium.

Financial goals on a vision board
Financial goals

Placement and Arrangement of Goals

Organize your goals intuitively on your vision board. Place your most important goals in a prominent place so that they immediately grab your attention. Experiment with different layouts to find a visual order that you like best. If you prefer order and structure, we recommend creating a vision board based on Feng Shui. This way you will cover all areas of life and align them according to the cardinal points on your surface to enable the best possible flow of Chi energy. Here you can download a template for it.

By clearly defining your goals and designing your vision board effectively, you can turn dreams into reality. Remember that your vision board is a living tool that can evolve over time. You can add new goals or adjust existing goals as your priorities change.

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