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Brightness of Life – A Special Area in The Wheel of Life – VISIYA

Updated: May 4, 2023

The brightness of life is the ability to enjoy life itself, to enjoy something that not only brings joy, but fills you with energy and gives you strength for new accomplishments in all areas of the wheel of life. It's your free time. Your hobbies and interests. Hunting, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, extreme sports, theater, concerts, etc. It's the quality of your personal life.

This segment of the wheel of life helps to assess how actively you spend your free time from routine duties. If you dedicate it to simply watching TV or online games, the score will be low, because the brightness of life in this case tends to zero, you do not get all those emotions that you exist in the physical world, rather than in the virtual one. If thoughts of the upcoming pastime spur you on, and every free minute is spent actively, then the degree of brightness of life will be high.

To assess your development in this area and to score honestly, we recommend using the following self-coaching questions:

  1. Does my life contain more bright colors or gray routine?

  2. Do I feel like I'm living my life instead of just existing?

  3. How often do I try something new?

  4. Do I have a lot of free time during the day, week, month, year?

  5. How often do I do my hobby?

  6. Am I quite happy with my leisure time on weekends and holidays?

  7. Do I often travel to other countries?

By assessing this area, you can understand how “shining and sparkling” your life is, whether it is diverse and fun. Then write down the actions that you think will improve your grade to the desired points.

How Can You Increase the Brightness of Life?

  1. Spontaneously (just go ahead and do it, instead of sailing along and weighing the pros and cons). Friends invite us to the park for a walk, but we often tend to resist, saying, “Let's take a rain check”, “I have a lot to do at home…”. We always have a lot to do, this will never end. So, it is better to go for a walk in the park, to breathe in a new portion of oxygen, sensations, pictures of what you see.

  2. Moving and enjoying it. Our body likes moving and is often grateful to us for it. But we often insult it with our inertness, our passivity.

  3. Learning from children. Children are capable of instantly switching from one thing to another, constantly searching and finding, trying new things and having fun. Look at a child (yours, a neighbor's, a passerby's – it doesn't matter), be in their skin, play with them.

What Else Can Improve the Brightness of Life?

  • creativity – inventing something unusual, unprecedented

  • freedom of action (I want it, I did it)

  • a party, an unexpected meeting, a new acquaintance

The brightness of life is about taking actions! It is not just the sensations we experience, but the actions that bring us those sensations. Keep trying new things in your life and developing yourself.

A girl with soap bubbles symbolising the brightness of life
Brightness of life

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