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Areas of the Wheel of Life – VISIYA

Updated: May 4, 2023

The Wheel of Life is a concept for evaluating the quality of life, which includes 8 key areas of human life (health, money, career, family, friends, personal growth, rest, and spiritual development). This is the traditional model, although there are also variations of six, ten, twelve segments or more, depending on what areas of life one wants to cover. Yet it is not recommended to overcomplicate the life wheel, the simpler it is, the clearer the result will be and the easier it will be to draw conclusions.

  1. Health. It comes first, because all other areas of life and its quality in general depend on health. Many people neglect a healthy lifestyle in the pursuit of career and success, which has bad consequences. Do you have a proper diet, do you get enough time for sleep, do you often go for a walk, do you find time for sports?

  2. Wealth. Whether we like it or not, the world is mercantile and financial stability has never hurt anyone. Are you happy with your income, do you have enough money for your necessities and all the things that bring you joy? Why are money and career separated into two different sectors in the Wheel of Life? This is because there can be many more sources of income than a simple paycheck or business profit.

  3. Career. A paid job remains the main source of income for most people. Upgrading your professional skills means increasing your wages. A gradual promotion provides a person with stability, protection and security. Do you enjoy the kind of work you do to make money, do you care about your own fulfillment, career, business?

  4. Family. This area includes relationships with a loved one, children, and parents. You can analyze whether you often spend time together, how much you trust each other, and whether you can be open with your loved ones.

  5. Entourage and friends. This includes relationships with friends, colleagues, and others. We assess how sociable we are, how we see ourselves in social circles, and whether we have many like-minded people and people on whom we can rely.

  6. Personal growth. Self-development and all the things that make us better: reading books, watching good movies, learning foreign languages, training useful skills, getting rid of bad habits and developing useful ones, dealing with fears, self-esteem.

  7. Leisure. One's success depends not only on their effort and diligence, but also on their ability to rest. It is necessary to have a good rest, just as it is necessary to work. Traveling, new experiences, entertainment, hobbies - all these things give us strength, energy, and joy.

  8. Spiritual development. It is up to each individual to determine what this area means to him or her. Perhaps it is a search for something greater than oneself: the meaning of life, purpose, truth, God. The study of religion, philosophy. This is an area of the wheel of life that is often neglected.

A sheet with a wheel of life template consisting of eight areas
Example areas of a Wheel of Life

Other areas of human life, among which you can find your own:

  • Appearance

  • Sports

  • Capital, investments

  • Study

  • Love

  • Parenting

  • Home

  • Relatives

  • Friendship

  • Travelling

  • Brightness of life

  • Leisure time

  • Hobbies

  • Creativity

  • Self-esteem

  • Safety and stability

  • Charity

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