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The Bagua Grid in Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Feng Shui Placement – VISIYA

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Bagua is the key tool of feng shui masters. When the Bagua grid is placed in the center of the house, it divides the house into nine sectors, eight of which correspond to the sides of the world. Each zone is responsible for a specific area of human life. Therefore, bringing harmony and tidying up a certain area has a beneficial effect on the homeowner’s life.

Bagua Grid Zones in the Home

Each of the Bagua zones has its own compass direction, color and recommendations for furnishings. The reason for this is the special classification of energy movement in time and space. Each zone also has its own favorable element. In other words, elemental symbol: water, fire, wood, metal and earth. In feng shui, the attributes of the elements determine harmony or disharmony in a particular point in space and time.

Center (Health). All feng shui changes start in this area. Avoid cluttering up the central part of the house.

South East (Wealth). This zone is responsible for the prosperity and material well-being of the inhabitants of the house. The main element here is wood. The element of fire weakens the power of this sector and therefore it is not a good idea to place fireplaces, candle holders or red objects in this area.

South (Fame, Reputation). The authority, reputation and social status of the head of the family depend on the harmonization of this direction. The dominant element here is fire. Do not place mirrors or water talismans in this sector.

South West (Love, Relationship). This is the feminine sector which affects the harmony of the whole family. Cluttering this zone leads to discord and quarrels. Strengthen the effect of the love zone by means of paired talismans. Avoid pictures of lonely people in this sector.

East (Family). This sector is responsible for a favorable climate within the family, family ties and memory. You should also avoid putting a fireplace here as it may worsen the atmosphere.

West (Children, Creativity). The West is considered to be a novelty zone. It promotes harmonious growth of children in the family and creativity. This zone is crucial for artistic people and artists. Mirrors, crystals and inspirational sculptures and paintings work well here.

North East (Knowledge). This area is closely associated with wisdom and gaining knowledge. This zone is good for learning, intelligent conversations or spiritual practices. The knowledge sector is governed by the earth element, so warm colors in the interior design will encourage the accumulation of valuable information by the residents of the home.

North (Career, Business). The North is responsible for the career development of the inhabitants of the house. This area is ruled by metal, which should be taken into account in color design. Favorable colors for this sector are blue, light blue and black. On the other hand, red-brown shades should be avoided.

North West (Travel, Helpers). The north-west of the flat is the sector responsible for life support. We call it the mentor and helper sector. It is also an area which encourages networking and success in travelling. North West is the masculine sector which is also controlled by metal. Fire and water talismans should be avoided here, while metal figurines might be a good idea.

Bagua grid in house according to Feng Shui
Example of a Bagua grid

Systems of Bagua Grid Creation

The first method of creating a Bagua grid is based on cardinal points (known as Compass Method). This approach involves taking compass readings to discover which direction the house is facing, which then determines how the Bagua is aligned. The floor plan is divided into 45° segments of the 8 cardinal directions. Each cardinal point represents an energy quality that influences the house.

The second option is laying the Bagua grid over the plan of the building. With this method, the main entrance is always in the north. Thus, the "Fame and Recognition" zone is always on the opposite side of the door, regardless of the actual cardinal direction. This is a simplified approach (known as Three Door Gate) that is attributed to new age feng shui and does not come from classic feng shui.

In some cases, the general layout of the house does not fit into either a square or an octagon. So some areas of the house are extremely small or missing at all. Don’t feel bad about it. Feng shui has a good number of tools that can help you enhance the missing qualities of your home and negate any negative aspects.

Luopan, geomantic or feng shui compass
Luopan or geomantic compass

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