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20 Things You Shouldn’t Have in Your House According to Feng Shui – VISIYA

Updated: May 4, 2023

According to the feng shui doctrine, there are some things that should not be kept at home, as they can obstruct the flow of positive energy. These things may act like magnets, but they will attract negative energy instead of positive energy. As a rule, people simply do not understand why they do not sleep well, why they feel well, or why they have headaches, or why they are haunted by bad luck.

Negative things can even become a cause of discord between lovers, between parents and children, between brothers and sisters. What kind of things are we talking about? Let’s tell you what you shouldn’t keep at home and definitely need to throw away, so that your home will always be happy and prosperous.

1. Old and Damaged Clothes

If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for a long time, the old energy will stagnate in it, so it is necessary to get rid of such a thing. Remember to free your closet from old, worn out and damaged clothes from time to time. By saying goodbye to such items, you will let a bright and renewed energy into your home.

A pair of dotted mismatched socks
Old mismatched socks

2. Old Shoes

This is especially true for house slippers. They accumulate negative energy, which does not allow positive energy to circulate properly around the house. And if you don’t throw out your old shoes, your problems will never leave you.

Old leather boots
Pair of old boots

3. Unnecessary Things

Some houses and apartments have places for storing unnecessary things: broken furniture, old clothes, sports equipment that no one has used for many years, and so on. Obviously, you should get rid of these things, too. After all, old unnecessary things hold a heavy and negative energy.

Old sports equipment
Unnecessary sports gear

4. Hospital Clothes and Things from the Hospital

If you were in a hospital, you should immediately throw away the clothes and shoes that you used there. Remember that things can absorb the energy of the place where they were. So you may bring unhealthy hospital energy with you and bring different diseases upon yourself or your family when you return home.

Blue hospital cloth
Patient scrubs

5. Items of Deceased Family Members

This is true for all things. It can be photos, equipment, clothes. Anything that belonged to a dead person should be thrown away or sold. It will not have any negative consequences for other people in other houses. It is customary in Eastern philosophy to treat dead people with great reverence. But their belongings should not remain in the place where they once lived.

Woman holding shoes of a deceased family member
Shoes of a deceased family member

6. Broken Appliances, Electronics

We often feel sorry for throwing away a broken TV screen or a microwave oven with a broken door. As time goes by, old televisions, computers, washing machines, and other household appliances accumulate in the house. Don’t pile it all up, because electronics have their own particular disadvantages if they don’t work.

This is particularly true for such devices as televisions, which some bioenergetics experts call energy portals. Negativity circulates through the appliances, but as long as they are working, it stays inside. Once a TV, radio, tablet, phone, etc. fails, what experts call an energy blockage occurs. All accumulated negative energy is released to the outside world.

Old broken tube TV
Old tube TV

7. Battered and Cracked Crockery

If you don’t want to bring bad luck into your house, don’t leave cracked and chipped crockery at home. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is. When a cup or plate is hopelessly ruined, it’s time to throw it away. Get rid of it without regret, or your whole life is in danger of cracking apart.

Broken crockery plate
Broken crockery

8. Broken Mirrors

It’s not only in feng shui that a broken mirror is considered a bad, negative object. Psychics and bioenergetics experts say that broken mirrors attract misfortune. According to Eastern teachings, a broken mirror distorts positive energy and turns it into negative energy. In Oriental traditions it was a common practice to get rid of broken mirrors.

Dark broken mirror
Broken mirror

9. Mirror in Your Bedroom

It’s believed that mirrors should never be placed in the bedroom. The reason for this is that the mirror facing the bed can “suck” the vital energy of a person. So if you find yourself exhausted in the morning, then it’s better to move the mirror from the bedroom to another room. Also, the mirror in the bedroom is able to bring discord in the relationship between husband and wife.

It’s even worse to have mirrors in front of the front door. This needs to be fixed immediately.

Mirror in the bedroom facing a bed
Mirror facing the bed

10. Irrelevant Gifts and Presents from People You Don’t Like

Not all the things we are presented with evoke positive emotions. Even if they were given by a loved one wholeheartedly. If you do not like the gift, do not put it in a prominent place. So you can worsen the energy of the house. At the very least, you can either give such gifts or sell them.

If a gift was given to you by someone who evokes only negativity in you, then such a thing will certainly be a vampire thing. It will suck the energy out of you and your loved ones until you get rid of it. Sell it, throw it away, do anything, but take it out of your house. Keeping it is very dangerous, as you put yourself at risk. Such things deprive people of good luck, good spirits and even health. It’s possible that this object will act as a curse or an evil eye. If it’s something small and can be burnt, you can burn such a gift to be sure that it will have no power over you.

Man holding a box with a gift
Man unboxing a gift

11. Damaged Printed Photos

Many people tend to keep old photographs at home as a memory of old times or people. That’s fine, but the photos shouldn’t be worn. There are many photo restoration and digitization services available now. Throw away old photos that don’t show the picture properly. Replace them with an electronic version if you don’t want the old ones to take away your energy. The effect is similar to broken mirrors, but it is less noticeable. Don’t put the present at risk for the sake of the past.

A pile of old printed photos
Old printed photos

12. Empty Bottles and Waste Paper

Paper and glass are the best conductors for negativity, which literally clings to them. Old magazines and newspapers are really bad companions in your life. They accumulate dust and clutter up your space. Avoid keeping them even in the garage, not to mention the place where you sleep, eat, rest.

Green dirty empty bottles
Dirty empty bottles

13. Dirt, Dust and Garbage

When it comes to the tidiness of the house, people in the East are very attentive to it. A dirty floor is a very bad omen in Eastern cultures. Dirt on the floor attracts poverty, destroys money luck. Dust is the enemy of your health, because it delays the renewal of energy.

Dirty dishes, if any, should go in the sink. Don’t accumulate or place bags of garbage near the front door, either outside or inside. This blocks all entrances and exits for Qi energy. Very often trash is put out the door, but this is wrong. Put it in a proper place and don’t stack it. Throw it away on time.

Full trash bin with plastic bottles
Full trash bin

14. Old Cleaning Supplies

Whatever we use to sweep out the clutter and dirt should look neat. Old brooms bring only misfortune. They can make us sick often, deprive us of good luck in all spheres of life. Get rid of old brooms, broken mops, excessively dirty rags. These can be very powerful magnets for negative energy. Do not be stingy with new home cleaning tools.

Cleaning mop and broom
Cleaning supplies

15. Prickly and Climbing Plants

Cacti, roses, rosehips, etc. are living blockers of positive energy coming from windows. If you want to have a cactus, then put it next to the computer or TV, but only one, no more. Feng shui does not recommend using such plants if you plan to create a favorable atmosphere in your home.

Another type of plants that feng shui experts consider dangerous are climbing plants. They prevent a person from thinking normally, distort his/her perception of the world. Climbing plants become a source of doubt. People find it more difficult to do intellectual work indoors with such plants. While you can put cacti or roses away from windows and the place where you sleep, these plants are better off not to have them at all.

Prickly succulent plant
Prickly succulent

16. Dried Reeds

Supporters of feng shui believe that dried reeds also have negative energy. If you choose to make a composition of dried reed to decorate your home with it, it can result in various misfortunes and illnesses for you and your loved ones.

Dried reeds plants on the riverside
Dried reeds

17. Furniture with Sharp Corners & Edges

Experts of feng shui claim that a lot of furniture with sharp edges can cause quarrels and scandals between relatives. So if you plan to renovate the interior design of your home, try to choose furniture with maximally smooth lines, as well as furniture upholstered with soft and tactile fabric.

Sharp wooden bench with a triangle element
Sharp wooden bench

18. Decorations and Paintings

Paintings and other home decor items serve not only as an interior decoration, but can also cause problems in the house. So when choosing another painting pay attention not to its author, but to the feelings you have when you look at it. If there is something in the image that embarrasses you, then it can cause a bad mood, stress, and deterioration of your well-being.

Orange and black painting
Stirring painting

19. Hunting Trophies (Hide, Taxidermy Mounts, Horns)

Even the smallest animal remains carry a rather strong charge of negative energy. Many hunters have a tradition of hanging up trophies like taxidermy mounts, hide and horns of killed animals in their homes. It is not right to do so. All these things bear a trace of death and suffering, so they can bring negative energy into the house.

Skull of an animal with horns
Skull of an animal

20. Skulls and Ritual Paraphernalia

It has become quite fashionable to decorate interiors with skulls (even if they are decorative), bones and other ritual attributes. This is because such a dwelling looks bold and rather unusual. And yet it should be noted that the magical attributes (especially associated with death) have a very strong energy, which is not always positive. So it can do harm to the owner of the house.

Human skull used as decoration
Skull decoration

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