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How To Make A Weight Loss Vision Board – VISIYA

Updated: May 8

As humans, we are all guided by our ambition and goals to achieve something to improve ourselves and our life in general. With health being the top priority of most individuals, it is no wonder why many want to focus on implementing a restorative lifestyle. If you’ve been thinking about shredding a few pounds, you’ve probably already researched the most effective ways to do that. But how do you keep yourself motivated and stick to your goals once you create a schedule? By creating a weight loss vision board, of course!

Why make a weight loss vision board?

For those of you new to this term, vision boards are used to create a visual representation of your goals. They are usually made of pictures, magazine clippings, words, and quotes to motivate you toward achieving your goals.

When it comes to losing weight, people often lose their motivation quickly. It may be because you feel overwhelmed by your everyday tasks, or perhaps you find it hard to adjust to the changes in your lifestyle. No matter the reason, losing your willpower keeps you away from achieving what you’ve set yourself up to. And this is exactly what you’ll try to avoid by creating a vision board for weight loss.

Weight Loss Vision Board Poster Mockup
Weight Loss Vision Board Poster Mockup

What you’ll need

The most important thing your motivation board has to include are clear and specific goals. But before that, you will need to gather a few essential supplies, without which you won’t be able to make it. If you would rather skip downloading a free printable weight loss vision board and make one on your own, here’s what you might need:

A board – for starters, you will need a blank board you will use as your base. It can be cork, wire, or magnetic whiteboard – each one will work.

Scissors – you will use them to cut out pictures or words.

Glue, tape, magnets, push pins – depending on the board base, you will need to choose the items you’ll use to secure images.

Goal-related material – leaflets, magazines, or printer images – gather everything that is related to your goal and which you think will keep you motivated. If you don’t already have anything, you can print some you find online. Quotes, images, short motivation paragraphs – everything will work for your DIY weight loss vision board.

Stickers, markers, and other extras – you will use these to add something handwritten or to give your vision board finishing touches.

Paper craft supplies for a vision board
Paper craft supplies for a vision board

Lastly, know that you can always opt for a digital version, which can be created using various apps. Pinterest seems to be the most popular for collecting photos and images.

Setting clear and specific weight loss goals

We finally come to the most important part of your weight loss motivation board creation journey: setting goals. No matter how much fun you’ve had while gathering all the supplies, remember that the primary reason why you have started this project is to create something that will keep you motivated. And when it comes to setting goals, this is where you should ask yourself, “What exactly am I striving for?”.

Once you have determined your main aim, it is time to consider how to define it precisely. Your goals need to be clear, specific and measurable, as this is the only way they will help keep you on track. For setting goals you can apply the SMART method. With SMART, you can create clear, attainable, and meaningful goals and develop the motivation, action plan, and support you need to achieve them.

Therefore, think about both short-term and long-term goals. The short ones will keep you accountable as you’re steadily paving your way toward achieving the big ones. For example, a long-term goal might be to lose 20 pounds (ca. 9 kg). Logically, this cannot happen overnight. But if you set a goal to lose 1 to 1.5 pounds per week, the overall aim will look more achievable. It may help to think about why you began this journey, how you want to look after finishing it, and what benefits it will bring you. Then you can also choose the types of exercises you will practice, as well as come up with a nutrition plan you will follow.

Trying to envision the person you aspire to be will probably make it easier to make your vision board for weight loss.

Creating your weight loss vision board

Once you have your goals set, it is time to actually get crafty! When designing your vision board, you will have to use all we discussed above regarding supplies and goals. You have already envisioned how you would like to look after a while, so look for pictures you will use for motivation. These can either be photos of celebrities you admire or perhaps some of you when you were in better shape. This will give you something to look at and push yourself when you feel like giving up.

Fit woman enjoying sunset
Fit woman enjoying sunset

At this point in creating your vision board, you will need to include your goals. Focus on using the short-term ones to create a roadmap that will ultimately lead you to your big goal. For instance, the roadmap will include healthy eating goals, exercise routines, sleep schedules, drinking more water, etc. Keep in mind that these weight loss vision board ideas shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed. You will probably benefit more if you start low and slowly build your way up.

Using your weight loss vision board effectively

The process of making a vision board that will guide you toward achieving your weight loss goals isn’t finished once you create it. You still need to know how to use it effectively and reap all the benefits.

So, the first thing you can do is place it somewhere visible, allowing you to look at it often. This can be your desk, night stand, kitchen counter, or closet. Refer to it every time you encounter an obstacle or don’t feel like sticking to your goals for the day. Moreover, don’t forget to track your progress and update it frequently to keep it useful at all times!

The point of making your weight loss vision board is to keep yourself accountable and motivated during your wellness journey. And although it will help you overcome challenges and stay committed, you still have to play your part and actually do something about it. So, stick to your workout and nutrition schedule and make your actions count.

And if you want to get your own weight loss board ASAP, you can always download our free printable PDF template!

Preview of a weight loss vision board template
Preview of a weight loss vision board template

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