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Common Mistakes in Working with Affirmations – VISIYA

Updated: Apr 12

The method of affirmations, a method of setting the subconscious mind to achieve goals, is extremely effective, but at the same time not the easiest. There are many nuances to consider when using this technique.

Most errors arise from not sticking to the guidelines well enough. Improperly phrased affirmations may not only fail to show positive results but can even backfire. Many people simply underestimate the possibilities of their subconscious, and therefore do not pay much attention to what they write or say every day.

Here are some common mistakes made while practicing affirmations, and how to circumvent them:

  1. Lack of Belief. Doubting the power of affirmations dilutes their effectiveness. Repeating frail phrases, without faith, undermines your chances of attracting desirable outcomes. Wrapping your consciousness around the faith that these spoken words can bring about change is key. Start by picturing the reality you desire. Visualize the state you want to reach. This fuels your belief that affirmations do facilitate the transition towards your envisioned outcome.

  2. Lack of Patience. The effects of affirmations aren't immediately apparent. The subconscious takes time to internalize new concepts. Giving up too soon is like trying to open a locked door without fully inserting the key. Set realistic expectations and remind yourself that the purpose of affirmations is as much about the journey as they are about the destination. The practice itself nurtures positive thinking, patience, and resilience.

  3. Negativity: The practice of affirmations requires a positive mindset. Focusing on negative thoughts slows down your progress, like placing barriers on the road to joy and fulfillment. Rather than concentrating on hurdles or negative outcomes, direct your energy towards potential accomplishments and positive aspects. Pair every challenging thought with a positive affirmation. Make it a habit to auto-correct negative musings with empowering affirmations right away.

All mistakes essentially root from misunderstanding the core essence of affirmations. It’s essential to realize that thoughts are material, the things we think about determine our life. All you need to do is create a stable 'image' in your brain, maintain it regularly, and trust your subconscious. Soon, you'll notice opportunities opening that you hadn't envisioned before.

Writing "Believe in yourself" on a yellow wall
Affirmation 'Believe in yourself'

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