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Affirmations Aren’t Working? Try Afformations – VISIYA

Updated: Apr 12

Some people swear by affirmations (positive statements you repeat to yourself). However, what works for one person might not work for another. If affirmations aren't working for you, try afformations.

Afformations are an improved method of affirmations, they are the same positive words of conviction that must be repeated constantly until the brain starts responding to them. But they have one small, but quite significant difference from affirmations. Instead of simply stating a desired outcome, they are phrased as empowering questions. These questions often begin with “Why?

  • “Why am I so lucky?”

  • “Why am I about to go off on a great adventure?”

  • "Why am I the best candidate to be promoted for this job?”

Questions are thought to be more engaging for the brain than statements. Afformations spark a conversation with your subconscious mind, prompting it to find solutions to achieve your goals. This can be more effective than simply telling yourself something will happen.

To create an afformation, we transform an affirmation into a question that allows our subconscious minds to search for new ways. We don't try to find answers to these questions. It is particularly efficient because many people don't believe in the positive affirmations and reject that way of thinking.

The term and the technique of afformations was coined by Noah St. John, Ph.D., author of “The Secret Code Of Success: 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness”. We shouldn’t consider afformations an invention, but rather a modification of affirmations created to increase their effectiveness.

Definition of 'afformation'
Definition of 'afformation'

How To Work with Afformations?

  1. Define your desire. First, identify what you want to achieve. It's recommended to begin small and gradually increase your goals. This builds confidence and momentum as you experience success.

  2. Craft your “why” question. Once you have a goal in mind, ask yourself a “why” question. Phrase it in the present tense, as if you've already achieved your desire, e.g:

  • “Why do I feel so loved and appreciated by everyone?”

  • “Why do I radiate confidence and vitality?”

  • “Why do I maintain a sense of calm and peace in any situation?”

  • “Why do incredible opportunities effortlessly come my way?”

  1. Ask and observe. With your question formulated, simply ask it to yourself. Don't actively search for answers – your subconscious will handle that. Your brain will now focus on the “why” behind your achievement, generating positive responses. This may happen subtly, so stay mindful.

  2. Notice the changes. Don't expect immediate answers. Pay attention to new situations, events, or inspiring ideas that emerge. These can be signs you're on the right track. Celebrate even small changes, as they signify progress.

  3. Take action. Remember, action is key! As insights arise, take inspired steps towards your goal.

How To Use Afformations?

Just like its affirmation sibling, an afformation said once into the universe and forgotten won’t manifest results. Here’s how to effectively utilize afformations:

  1. Meaning. Put meaning into your question, understand what you are actually asking. Intent of your question is the key.

  2. Emotions. Each time you pronounce your afformation, put feelings into it. Experience the thrill, excitement, or euphoria associated with achieving your aspiration. Positive emotions only, please!

  3. Visualization. It would be even better if you add some visuals to the process. Visualize the said words when you repeat the question.

  4. Consistency. Repetition cements the belief in an already-fulfilled wish, painting a vibrant picture in your mind.

If possible, work with afformations in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed or whenever it is convenient for you. Preferably stay alone, relax, close your eyes, ask yourself the right question, and dive into your emotions. Imagine your life after reaching your goal, feel all the delights of the new life. Don’t get distracted, immerse in this fascinating process.

If affirmations have already helped you and you believe in their power, don’t be hasty to abandon the afformations. Try to combine both methods by asking yourself the right questions and pronouncing your positive attitudes. You might be able to get to your desired goal even faster this way.

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